Your chocolate

A message that we share and savor together

Boxes of pralines

Gift idea

Your name in every mouth

Discover a world of pleasure and personalization

Give your customers a unique experience with delicious chocolate specialties.

Confiland guarantees you a high quality, whether in the selection of our products, from manufacturing to packaging and tasting.

For you, we dress our chocolates with your colors, the logo and the packaging of your choice.

Leave your chocolate imprint

We have the opportunity to offer you different

customizations among our boxes of 9, 16 or 25 praline.


Cover 12 – 15 napolitains

The little attentions maintain good relations.
The opportunities to have fun are not lacking.

a chocolate bar

A chocolate bar in your image

Make the difference with tablets in your image.

Use chocolate as a communication support capable of sharing beautiful emotions.

An exclusive gift to your colors, that’s what we offer


The little chocolate

The small format that is shared and eaten with your coffee.

Personalization is only limited by your imagination

To make your personalized offer, contact us

Do not be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!